DIY: Mini Kit Kittredge's Bed

How I Made Mini Kit Kittredge's Bed

Kit Kittredge's bed was a craft I was thinking long and hard about how to recreate it in mini doll size.  How to create a metal bed without being able to use actual metal?  I knew there had to be a way, and finally, I decided to attempt it with popsicle sticks, balsa wood, and bamboo skewers. 

Stage One: Assemble the Headboard and Footboard.     You will need:           -regular craft sticks (popsicle sticks)           -bamboo skewers          -a small piece of balsa wood, about 1/8 inch thick (or 2-4 jumbo craft sticks)          -glue (tacky or wood)           -skinny sticks          -cutting tools: scissors, Xacto Knife/craft knife, or wire cutters              (whatever you like to use to cut craft sticks.           - Headboard and footboard pattern.  Download and print from HERE
1. Lay out craft sticks on your pattern. 
I began by drawing a pattern on paper so that I could lay out the size and shape that I wanted.You can print a pattern HERE

DIY: Mini Melody's Bed

Beforever Character Melody Ellison represents a time of great change in American history when African Americans united together for equal rights. So, in honor of black history month (last month), I'm going to show you how I made Melody's bed for a mini American girl doll.

Follow the instructions in this You Tube video to make Melody's bed from the 1960s.  The directions are also printed below in this blog.

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How to Make American Girl …

DIY: Mini Josefina Montoya's Bed

Hola y Bienvenidos a Our Mini AG Project!  
In this post I will share some tips and tricks for making a Mini doll bed for Josefina Montoya!

Begin by watching this video review in which I explain my process for making the bed.
1.I began by sketching out my designs for the legs, headboard and footboard.   You can draw out your own, or you can download and print mine!

2.  Using your paper or cardstock patterns, trace the leg shapes, headboard, and footboard shapes onto balsa wood.  You could also consider using foam board, which can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  If you do use foam board, I suggest sandwiching it in between two pieces of paper board, or cardboard from cereal boxes or cracker boxes.  This will give it more stability.
3. Cut out pieces of balsa wood (or foam board and paper board) to be the rails of the bed. Decide how long and wide you want the bed to be.  My pattern template page shows the actual length of my side rails and head and foot rails.  You'll want to cut your…